Bibione and Caorle

Here the ancient centre, with a wealth of charm and history, blends so well with the seaside.

Caorle offers its guests 15 kilometres of golden beach divided into several zones: there's the lively beach near the historic centre, there is Duna Verde, relaxing and tranquil with tourist resorts furnished with all comforts; there is Porto Santa Margherita suited especially to boating tourism, with one of the biggest boat marina's in Europe.

And all this revolves around the extraordinary fishing village with its traditions, its alleys and courtyards, and larger and smaller squares, faithful to the Veneto lagoon style of architecture, which is why it is rightly called "Venice in miniature". An unforgettable sight is the Byzantine-style red brick cylindrical bell tower of 1100, that stands opposite the marvellous, art-filled Romanesque Cathedral.

Finally, the lagoon, the only one of its kind, a world to discover, made of flat stretches of water, cane thickets, canals where time seems to stand still in an almost fantastic dimension where silence reigns, the whispering wind, the birdcalls. A landscape interrupted here and there by the clay and thatched roofs of the hunting and fishing lodges typical of the fish farms, or by the sudden cry of startled herons, ducks or swans as they take flight.

"All beach", just miles and miles of beach, they call this neck of land between the Adriatic sea and Valle Grande, extending for eight kilometres with a shallow and fine sandy shore, sunlit from dawn to dusk, at the extreme east of the province, between the port of Baseleghe and the mouth of the Tagliamento.

At the back of the beautiful beach, towards the hinterland, the thick groves of maritime pines form the Pineta, or Pine Grove, a protected natural wildlife area with a wealth of the typical fauna and flora of the Mediterranean area, ideal for a break from the heat of the sun. And then, towards the interior, between sandy dunes and cane thickets, lies the lagoon, the landscape of Valle Grande, suspended between land and water, and the nearby Vallesina, amid typical fishing lodges with thatched roofs, in a picturesque and fascinating environment.

Bibione is especially famous for its spa waters, source of health and well-being since its earliest days, and today a centre furnished with the latest equipment and highly specialized personnel for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and for beauty care.
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Bibione e Caorle

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