Chioggia and Sottomarina

Chioggia is known as little Venice and was, in point of fact, for centuries the Venetian port on the Adriatic.
This charming antique town with a long history has succeeded in upholding its own traditions and old centre, and also has new avant-garde structures, beaches and exclusive hotels furnished with every comfort.

An extraordinary mix sure to meet all demands and to please at all points of the compass.
Art, history, culture and extraordinary natural features with unique and unforgettable vistas: on the one side, the lagoon of Venice, between salt marshes and fish farms, in the wide spaces suspended between earth and sky, and on the other side the hinterland, through countryside and canals, as far as the Po delta where the river widens and spills into the sea.

The long tradition of seaside tourism started over 150 years ago with pontoon swimming establishments on the lagoon; today the almost 10 kilometre-long beach of Sottomarina is prized for the quality of its fine golden sand, particularly suited to sunbathing; furthermore the iodine-rich air and the high salt level of the seawater are recommended for curing rheumatic and osteoarticular conditions by means of thalassotherapy and sand bathing.

The town is famous for its fish and, thanks to the mild coastal climate and particularly loose earth, can count on the produce of its wonderful market gardens, tasty delicacies such as the Chioggia variety of red endives, and Zucca marina (pumpkin); but also red beetroot, white onion, carrot, potato, green celery - all typical produce of the area.

With these produce, it follows that the cuisine is excellent, with particularly succulent typical dishes to be tried in the city's restaurants and those of the hinterland.

Piatto Chioggia

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