Who are we

Welcome2Venice CB is the Convention Bureau of the Province of Venice and privileged counterpart to access easily and fast to congressional bids in Venice and its region. To know how, when and where to arrange an event, find new ideas for team-building activities, what to choose for the post-congress activities, create unusual themed routes or simply enjoy the most classic, but extraordinary experience in Venice.

Strongly desired by the Veneto Region, Welcome2Venice CB is an integral part of the Venice Region Convention Bureau Network, a strategic project for the promotion and enhancement of the congressional systeme of all the seven provinces of the Veneto Region.

the Welcome2Venice Convention Bureau

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WELCOME2VENICE Convention Bureau
Sede Legale Provincia di Venezia, Palazzo Ca' Corner - San Marco, 2662 30124 VENEZIA (Italy)
Sede Amministrativa APT della Provincia di Venezia, Palazzetto Carmagnani - San Marco, 2637 30124 VENEZIA (Italy)
Sede Operativa Centro Servizi Provincia di Venezia, Torre Sud - Via Sansovino, 3 30173 VENEZIA MESTRE (Italy)
tel: +39 041 5298716 - fax: +39 04113320271 - email: